What are homes made from?

  • 02 December 2021

Last week we welcomed children, teachers and parents from West Park Academy to our development at Howards Green. After an initial meeting with the school back in October, we decided to host a visit at our show homes for their year one pupils, who were about to start learning all about the fire of London and the difference between what homes were made from then, in comparison to what they are made from now, different materials and their properties.

The visit started with an interactive conversation all about the homes we live in today and their basic materials. We re-told the story of the Three Little Pigs and the children all got involved when explaining why some materials worked better when building homes than others.

The children were then split into groups and given a ‘Material Treasure Hunt’ where they were able to explore the show homes in more detail and look out for specific materials we had listed for them on sheets of paper.

Once the children had completed the hunt, they stayed in their groups as we assigned them a task to design their dream home and boy, did they deliver! From swimming pools, to elevators, kitchens on the 8th floor and tree houses, the children’s imagination made the task even more enjoyable and fun to watch.

“It was a lovely visit, thank you! The children thoroughly enjoyed it and it has made our topic more purposeful and meaningful by linking things to a local site.” – Mr Fraser, Teacher at West Park Academy

After a successful tour of the show homes the children were gifted with some wildflower seeds to plant at home as well as some sweets which they were delighted with!

It was fantastic to host the school at our development and we hope to welcome them back very soon.