The Eco-Friendly Edit

  • 09 August 2022

Many of us don’t realise the harsh chemicals that are often added to our household cleaning products. They can cause us to breathe in unpleasant toxins that can contribute to air pollution, and can also be extremely dangerous to animals and sea life when they enter waterways! Not only does the issue lie in the products themselves, but the extreme amount of plastic waste that is created by constantly buying new products and more packaging. Luckily, there are many ways to avoid this!

There is a huge range of eco-friendly and sustainable household products on the market now that can help you to achieve the same sparkling home as standard products. You could also go a step further and consider using local refill shops to avoid the continual purchase of plastic bottles and packaging each time you buy a new product. Take a look at our top products and tips for achieving a consciously clean home:


1. Ecover
Ecover’s mission is about ‘more than fresh socks and squeaky-clean pots. It’s about respecting the planet and looking after nature’ – and what a mission it is! They offer a whole range of products from laundry, household and dishwashing to personal care. You can also send your empty bottles back to them and they will refill with your favourite products, a win win!

2. Smol
Can you imagine how many bottles of surface cleaner you’ve used in your lifetime… not anymore! Smol offer laundry, dishwashing and surface spray products without harsh chemicals AND their packaging is plastic-free. Their fabric conditioner bottles are made using 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and you can return them for refills. Another incredible company with an incredible ethos to consider when doing your next household shop.

3. Method
B-Corp certified cleaning brand Method can be found in lots of well-known supermarkets and offer every product you could possibly need! From surface cleaners, detergent, fabric softener and washing up liquid to body and hand wash. Their stylish-looking bottles and packaging will also look great in your home!

4. Who Gives a Crap
100% recycled toilet paper company Who Gives a Crap are another B Corp on a mission! Not only are their products made from completely recycled materials, but they also donate 50% of their profits to various charities and initiatives to ensure everyone has access to clean water and a toilet within our lifetime. So you can go to the loo with a clean conscience!

Go a step further with local refill shops

1. Earth Warriors – Darlington

Choose from brands such as Ecoleaf, Miniml and Faith in Nature at this local refill store in Darlington. Many of the products they stock are sourced locally in the North East and North Yorkshire, too!


2. Something Good – Jesmond

Take your empties along to Something Good and fill them up with all kinds of daily essentials and luxuries! Fill up your jars, tubs and bags with whatever you want, weigh it and pay for it. Simple! Something Good offer household and cleaning goods, personal care, and pantry staples all for refill! They also have a handy ‘journal’ section on their website with tips and tricks.

Something Good, Jesmond


3. Nil Living Zero Waste – Grainger Market, Newcastle

Stop by Nil Living in Newcastle’s Grainger Market and choose from a range of refillable goods, as well as zero waste and plastic free products. They also offer a range of baby products such as wipes, nappy bags and baby toothbrushes!

Nil Living Zero Waste, Newcastle


Have you adopted some eco-friendly changes in your shopping habits? Let us know, and share your tips and favourite products!