Reduce Your Energy Usage at Home

  • 27 June 2022

With the cost of living going up and up and energy prices soaring, reducing the amount you use in your home has never been so important. It’s also a great way to do your bit for the environment!

Reducing your energy consumption isn’t as difficult as you might think, just a few small changes can make a big difference. Here are some of our top tips to shave the pennies off those bills.

1. Stop leaving things on standby!

Most of us leave almost all of our appliances on standby all the time. Try switching off things such as the TV, washing machine, toaster, kettle, and smart tech appliances that you don’t use all the time. They may look like they’re off, but they’re still using up ‘phantom load’!

The worst ‘energy guzzlers’ are:
- Extra fridges
- Desktop computers
- Tumble dryers

2. Lay off the tumble dryer

At this time of year, when the weather is warm and dry (hopefully!), make the most of it by hanging your clothes out on the line rather than tumble drying. Your dryer uses up a huge amount of energy, so why not invest in some pegs instead!

3. Be mindful of your kitchen appliances

Your daily cuppa may be costing you more than you think. Overfilling the kettle and re-boiling it after you’ve walked away and forgotten about it could be racking up a bill. If everyone in the nation boiled the right amount of water, we’d save a collective £1.1 billion. Bear it in mind the next time you’re reaching for the tea bags!

4. Crank down that thermostat

According to the Energy Saving Trust, turning down the temperature of your home by 1C could save you £55 a year on your bills. Our homes are heated by a smart HIVE thermostat, meaning you can control your heating from anywhere via the HIVE app and receive notifications and alerts if you leave the heating on when you’re not home. Never heat an empty home again!

And if you’re still chilly… why not invest in some luxurious throw blankets!

5. Take a 4-minute shower

One of the most effective ways to save money on energy is to reduce your showers to 4 minutes. This could save a typical household a whopping £70 a year on energy bills.

It is a common misconception that baths use up less water than showers, so try swapping one of your baths for a shower each week.

We hope these tips can help you to keep your energy bills down and keep those pennies for something a bit more fun! If you have any more tips that have helped you to save money on your energy bills, please let us know!