5 Tips to Hosting the Perfect Garden Party!

  • 11 July 2022

Planning on hosting a summer garden party for your nearest and dearest? With the weather warming up there couldn’t be a better time, and we’ve got some great tips and tricks to get your garden summer ready! Read on for our ideas that are sure to wow your guests.

1. Freshen up your furniture

Making sure your guests are comfortable with clean and fresh furniture is a must – you should view your garden as an extra room in the house! Why not try tapping into some of 2022’s biggest outdoor living trends by using natural materials in your garden, such as a stylish bamboo bistro set like this one from Habitat.

Image from Habitat

Don’t forget things such as cushions, blankets, throws and beanbags, which all help to set the scene, create a comfortable environment for your guests and keep them warm when it starts to get chilly. Another big trend for 2022 is outdoor rugs, so why not try something like this one from Dunelm.

Image from Dunelm

2. Decoration is key

Create your own festival at home by adding colourful and create decorations such as bunting and paper lanterns. You could go a step further and create a cosy atmosphere by draping string lights across bushes or trees – try solar powered lights if you’re feeling extra savvy! If your party is going to carry on into the evening, you could invest in some large pillar candles to really set the scene.

3. Create a drinks trolley

Drinks are usually the first stop for guests when they arrive at a garden party, so consider creating a drinks trolley or area stocked up with everything you need to create some show-stopping cocktails or mocktails!
Kit your trolley out with colourful glassware (or paper cups if you’re saving on the washing up!), maybe some jugs with cocktails (try Aperol Spritz or Pimm’s if you’re feeling extra British), ice buckets, fruit, and a drinks dispenser.

Image from Habitat

You could go a step further and decorate your drinks area with colourful plants and accessories, and perhaps even some edible flowers for the drinks!

4. Get the barbie on!

No garden party is complete without a barbecue. Whether it’s a disposable or one you’ve purchased to stand the test of time, your guests are bound to get hungry! Kettle barbecues are an affordable and stylish option for a smaller party.
Sainsbury’s Summer 2022 Trend Report has highlighted a shift away from traditional ‘American-style’ barbecues towards Turkish, Korean, and Greek flavours. Why not grab some skewers or a tapas platter, save some time in the kitchen and allow your guests to enjoy a relaxed afternoon!

5. Get some games on the go!

There’s nothing quite like a good garden game to get everyone having a good time! Pick up some party classics like giant Jenga, Twister, giant snakes and ladders, and maybe even croquet if you’re feeling fancy! Get your teams together and have some fun.
We hope these tips will prompt you with some ideas to make your garden party the best there is…
If you have any other tips for hosting a great garden party, please let us know!