How to efficiently heat your home and save some pennies

  • 21 November 2022

As the winter months creep in and the weather begins to get chillier, the reality of rising energy costs becomes more apparent for everyone. The Government have attempted to soften the blow of the crisis by introducing measures such as the energy price cap, meaning that the maximum amount that utility providers can charge their customers sits at £2,500, as well as a £400 energy grant to all households.

Regardless of these measures, times are hard for many people at the moment, and we all need as much extra money as we can get at Christmastime, so here are a few easy and accessible tips to keep your home warm this winter without wasting so much money on heating bills!

1. Use thermal curtains

Window panes are notorious culprits for allowing heat to escape from your home. Your windows should ideally be double glazed to avoid this as much as possible, but if not, you could invest in some thick thermal curtains to prevent the draught! You could also add draught excluders and fluffy rugs on bare floors!

2. Consider the positioning of your furniture

Making sure that radiators are not being blocked or covered by furniture will make a bigger difference than you think by allowing heat to travel around the room.

You should also move sofas away from external walls, as you will notice the cold more when you’re sitting! To keep yourself nice and comfortable, make sure furniture is only placed against internal walls.

3. Turn the heating down by 1 degree

Turning your thermostat down by just 1 degree compared to your usual temperature could save you a lot of money per year, up to £80! Most of us crank the heating right up without even thinking about what temperature it’s on – so aim to be more mindful of this in the future.

It is also useful to turn off the radiators in rooms that you’re not using – it’s pointless heating a room you’re not sitting in!

4. Consider whether you really need to use it

Do you really need to turn the heating on, or is it just habit? Could you do something as simple as putting on an extra jumper or sitting with a hot water bottle at night? Why not invest in a nice chunky blanket or a cosy dressing gown instead – or even an electric blanket!

Try lighting a room with candles instead of using lamps and other artificial light sources – not only a money saver, but a great way to create some nice mood lighting on a cosy winter night!

5. Bleed the radiators

Failing to bleed your radiators can mean the hot water is not circulating efficiently and they might not be heating up properly, so it’s always best to check them to make sure you aren’t spending your money for nothing!

If you have any other low-cost tips on ways to keep warm without spending all your hard-earned money on heating bills, please let us know!