Pantone of the Year

  • 14 May 2020

Each year, colour company Pantone selects a Colour of the Year. The colour is inspired by trends in society, culture and travel. This year’s colour has been announced as ‘Classic Blue’, a ‘timeless and enduring blue that’s suggestive of the sky at dusk,’ according to the Pantone website.

Classic Blue is dependable and a colour that’s never likely to go ‘out of fashion’. It works perfectly as a feature wall or as an accent colour against a neutral backdrop. Don’t be afraid of colour. While the blue may be bold, it’s a very neutral and relaxing colour that can easily be toned down when needed. It can be layered with lighter shades of blue or grey – which is good news as almost everyone has grey somewhere in their home, right?

The colour is a favourite for interior designers and whether you love to make a bold statement or keep it simple with a pop of colour, Classic Blue will work for you.

Our suggestions on how you can add Classic Blue to your home:

Accent wall – Whether it’s the main wall in the room or smaller wall, painting the full wall can really bring the room to life.

The sofa – The focal point of any living space, can be used to make a statement. Whether it’s the only splash of colour in the room, or it’s blue on blue, it still works.

Bathroom cabinets – If you can’t commit to such a bold colour on your bathroom walls, you can bring the room to life with some rich blue cabinet doors. Dark blue cabinets look very elegant and make an impressive design statement.

Statement rug – A bold rug can pull together an open space and finish a room off perfectly.

Accessories – If you want to be simplistic in adding colour, having pillows, vases or kitchenware all in the same classic colour, can be an easy way of modernising and updating your home.  

It just so happens that Classic Blue is close to our navy brand colour (we must have known it would be so popular!).

Have a look at our recently launched house types, we’ve got plenty of open space and feature walls that would be perfect for a pop of Classic Blue. We’d love to hear how you would decorate our rooms … it’s all about how you would like to live.