Meet Sandra

  • 17 October 2022

Sandra and her partner had been in the market for a bungalow for years. Living in a townhouse they were always on the look out but found that bungalows were hard to come by and beyond their price range. Then they found Scholars Field, our exclusive development of 2 and 3-bedroom bungalows available to buy through our Over 55s Shared Ownership scheme!

We recently met up with Sandra to chat about her experience with us and why she loves Shared Ownership.

Claire Kitching, Head of Sales and Richard Crowe, Sales Executive outside show home at Scholars Field, Hartlepool.

1. Where did you first hear about Thirteen Homes and Shared Ownership?

We actually lived close to the Scholars Field development and always walked past the Shared Ownership sign, but we didn’t know much about it and assumed it wasn’t for us. It wasn’t until we spoke with a neighbour who had looked into the scheme, and it sounded great for us.

We made an appointment straight away and we met Mel on site who explained how Shared Ownership works and showed us around the show home. The show home was absolutely gorgeous, so spacious and Mel was great at explaining everything and answering all our questions.

We knew from then it was the right decision for us, and we haven’t looked back since!

2. What attracted you to Shared Ownership?

Well, I would have needed to win the lottery to afford a brand new bungalow, so Shared Ownership was just ideal! Now I live in a beautiful new bungalow AND own a percentage of it – it’s perfect!

3. Had you looked into buying a home any other way?

We already had a mortgage, but we didn’t want to extend the length of it, we wanted to enjoy our retirement and make the most of it and Shared Ownership has made that possible for us.

4. How did you find the process of buying through Shared Ownership?

The entire process from reservation to completion was very straightforward and smooth. The Sales Team were a huge help and I would 100% recommend Shared Ownership with Thirteen Homes to other people.

5. Lastly, if you could invite any 3 celebrities over for a dinner party at your new home (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

To a dinner party at our new bungalow, I would have it invite, George Michael, because he was so gorgeous! Laurel and Hardy to see if they are as funny as our lad thinks they are… And lastly Jamie Oliver because I’m certainly not cooking!